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Little Sign of Improvement for Port Congestion
17 February 2022
News from Splash247.com Container shipping analysts around the world have this week been providing updates on the global port congestion picture with shippers told to brace for further hindrances going into Q2. Asia-based Linerlytica pointed out today that while congestion has eased this week in most parts of Asia, it continues to escalate in North America, with both west and east coast ports reaching new record highs during the past seven days. “While the media focus is on the reduction in the vessel queue in Los Angeles/Long Beach, the reality is the overall containership queue at US ports remain at a record high. The reduction in LA/LB was...
Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker Relationship Moving from Transactional to Solutions by IFCBAA
16 September 2021
There are several moving parts impacting COVID-hit global supply chains with higher costs and longer lead times - including the demand and supply of vessel capacity, ports congestion, schedule reliability, manpower and equipment shortages - which are difficult for government authorities to control or legislate change. The situation is leading to a change in behaviour of shippers whereby a solutions-driven approach is necessary to maintain supply chain resilience. Today’s The Loadstar article A perfect supply chain storm: 'we must hunker down, collaborate and ride it out' highlights this situation and the changing market landscape of ...
Documentary requirements for fumigation certificates for imported goods
29 July 2021
152-2021: Documentary requirements for fumigation certificates for imported goods 13 July 2021 Who does this notice affect? Clients in the import and shipping industries including freight forwarders, importers and customs brokers associated with imported goods and containers. What has changed? The Minimum documentary and import declarations requirements policy sets the requirements for documents submitted to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for assessment of the biosecurity risk of goods imported into Australia. This includes requirements for certification related to treatments conducted in exporting countries to mitiga...
Warning to shippers: expect high freight rates and disruption to last a while
16 July 2021
Interview with Tim Scharwath, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding (Credit: Alex Lennane at The LoadStar) Shippers should expect higher freight rates, long-term and also not expect much easing in the market until Chinese New Year 2022 and 'normality' in 2023. The warning comes from Tim Scharwath, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, in an exclusive interview on The Loadstar Podcast this month. Mr Scharwath, himself facing a long wait for kitchen appliances, said that while there had been additional disruptions, the majority of pressure was Covid-related. "I don't believe we will see the disruption go away this year, it'll be at...
Australian trade agenda response to the COVID19 pandemic.
2 July 2021
Despite the optimism surfacing in some quarters that the world and its economy are recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic, recovery is far from complete and the consequences will continue to affect the world for many years. This article provides some insight into how Australia's trade has coped and the shape of its recovery with a little help from its friends. Trade pain beyond the Pandemic effect For Australia, the Pandemic coincided with other adverse effects to our international trade, particularly in our trading relationship with China as one of our major trading partners. After years of Australia having imposed trade remedies on Chines...
China's trade bottleneck could be worse than Suez Canal fiasco.
24 June 2021
China's trade bottleneck could be worse than Suez Canal fiasco.
There's currently the mother of all freight traffic jams far exceeding
March's Suez Canal fiasco. And the impact on Australia could be huge.   Worse than the Suez Canal disaster
More container loads of freight are being impacted than the entirety of the Suez
Canal blockage. With the Delta strain continuing to impact logistics and shipping,
this backlog may continue to grow despite the best efforts of port officials and
shipping companies.
CEO of Vespucci Marine Lars Jensen said: "From port handling in Yantian (port in
Southern China) alone, the ...

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