Terms of Quotation

Kindly note all rates provided by D&D Worldwide Logistics are subject to the following terms of service

  1. The terms and conditions of the relevant Air Waybill / Bill of Lading and Tariff.

  2. These Rates Are Subject To Change without Notice unless otherwise stated. The Rates / Transit Times / Sailings Are Subject To Shipping / Airline Line Increases / Changes as Applicable.

  3. Unless Otherwise Stated the Rates Exclude O/S Inland Carriage, Local Carriage, Local And O/S Duties & Taxes, GST, Quarantine / Customs Fees, Customs Clearance, Insurance, Handling, Etc.

  4. easonal surcharges not listed above, such as Congestion/Peak Season/Heavy Lift/War Risk may be applicable at the time of shipment.Unless Otherwise Stated All Rates Quoted Are Port To Port.

  5. The rates quoted are based on current tariffs and are subject to alteration with or without prior notification, if and when carriers alter their tariffs.

  6. This includes an introduction from carriers of "BAF", "CAF" "MAF" Low Sulphur "LSS" IMO 2020 or fuel surcharge.

  7. All rates quoted are for Non-Hazardous cargo of standard size unless otherwise specified.

  8. Hazardous cargo is subject to approval by the airline/vessel operator before final acceptance of the shipment.

  9. All overseas currency will be converted to Australian Dollars. The conversion is effected at any date between arrivals and delivery.

  10. CAF of 4% will be applied to all currency conversions. All invoices raised in Foreign Currency will be subject to USD$25.00 banking transaction fees.

  11. All freight charges, disbursements are payable before delivery and maybe subject to a GST (Goods and Services Tax).

  12. Any additional expenses arising from customs, quarantine or security requirements are for the account of the merchant.

  13. All business is undertaken as per our Standard Trading Conditions.

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