Tarping of machinery departing wharves – when and why

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27 Jun 2023

It is a biosecurity requirement that contaminated machinery and vehicles are tarped prior to movement off-wharf.

Tarping should be done such that the contamination is contained. Therefore, in most if not all cases, contaminated goods must be envelope tarped for movement; although in some instances partial wrapping including the underside may be accepted if it manages the necessary biosecurity risks.

The department has recently noticed an increase in the amount of machinery (particularly new machinery) arriving contaminated resulting in requests for the cargo to be moved off-wharf for cleaning.

If an entity either chooses or is required to move contaminated goods off-wharf for cleaning, then the Department directs those goods for tarping such that the risk is contained during movement. For locations such as Port Kembla, movement off-wharf to approved cleaning facilities does mean moving goods to Sydney.

As always, machinery/vehicles that arrive free of biosecurity risk material and do not require further intervention are released and free to move off-wharf without issue.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Brad Leonard, Manager Border and Biosecurity

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