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5 Oct 2023

Update to the below - dated 23.10.2023

Updated news from Qantas Freight:

Our operations are returning to normal after a further strong weekend of processing and clearing freight in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

We’re now focussed on reviewing and reconciling any final discrepancies which were caused by completing some steps manually. Customers are being contacted when freight is available for pick up to arrange a collection time.

If you’re yet to hear from us and believe your freight is still in our terminals, please provide the shipment details via an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Storage fees and invoicing

Storage fees have been reintroduced, after being temporarily waived for import and export freight impacted by processing delays. Domestic freight and international Terminal Service Fees are yet to be finalised, and we thank you for being patient as we consolidate invoices from the previous month.

If you wish to make a claim for delayed or damaged freight, follow the prompts on our Contact us page. Time limits apply and can be found in our international conditions of carriage.

Source: Qantas Freight


Dear Valued Partners & Clients, 

We continue to experience significant delays in the arrival of inbound cargo at major Australian ports, specifically in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. To provide full transparency, we would like to outline some of the challenges we are currently encountering:

  1. Extended Wait Times: Cargo is taking an unusually long time to become available for collection, leading to delays in our operational processes.

  2. Manual Collection Process: Our drivers are experiencing lengthy waits in queues as they manually inspect and verify each shipment, resulting in increased turnaround times.

  3. Location Issues: Some shipments marked as "ready for collection" are proving challenging to locate, causing further delays in the collection process.

  4. Unit Breakdown Delays: Cargo units are not being efficiently broken down upon arrival, causing them to remain intact and awaiting processing.

  5. Release Discrepancies: There is a lack of order in the release of cargo, with no clear prioritization based on arrival dates or freight type, whether loose or unitized.

In light of these circumstances, we strongly recommend that for all upcoming air freight shipments, you submit your import documents to us well before the cargo's arrival. This proactive measure will enable us to closely monitor and manage your shipments more effectively.

Your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times are greatly appreciated, and we remain committed to providing the best possible service despite the current disruptions.

Read the full Qantas Freight news release HERE

We acknowledge the potential impact of these disruptions; however, please be advised that D&D Worldwide Logistics will not assume liability for any additional charges arising from these delays.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership and should you have any questions or concerns, kindly reach out to our dedicated team.

Best Regards

The DDWL Team

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